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Louboutin’s Outrageous Horse Strip Show May Feature Music By Jesse Lynch

We have more details on that Louboutin strip show!

Christian Louboutin Shoes will be indeed leading a demonstrate at Outrageous Horse, -the most avant-garde cabaret inside Paris-. Here are the truth: 1. It’s labeled Feu, so this means fire inside French, and will run through March a few to May possibly 31. only two. The show involves four tableaux, which (since we learned a week ago) contain naked females who don’t step. 3. Managing Overseer Andre Deissenberg perceives it’s an organic fit: -Christian Louboutin as well as Crazy Moose Paris are symbols with Parisian life whose oceans know zero borders; symbols from the world with creativity, ponder and modernity.

They share similar sources with inspiration – females, of training course, but also the earth around all of them -and both equally are exceptionally skilled during producing distinctive and a revelation creations. – several. David Lynch as well as Swizz Beats composed first music intended for Feu. a few. And this is a photo from the designer using naked Outrageous Horse dancers who may actually lack nipples though they certainly have Loubs:

How To Lead Praise And Worship In A Conventional Church

How To Lead Praise and Worship in a Traditional Church

I sit right here enthusiastic about how to lead praise and worship in a conventional church I’m coming back from a ministry journey to Sri Lanka. Many of the churches we ministered to there have been conventional church buildings struggling to try to discover a blend between the older people within the church who love tradition and the youthful ones who need to sing modern praise and worship music. In case you are within the church that is combating the identical points, it will be important that you just learn how to lead praise and worship in a method that satisfies both sides of the equation, and does so with sensitivity and true godliness.

How To Lead Praise and Worship That Satisfies Nearly Everyone

Chances are you’ll contemplate that it is unattainable to learn how to lead praise and worship that satisfies nearly everyone, but I can let you know from expertise it’s achievable. An important thing is that you strive at all times to learn how to lead praise and worship that unites individuals fairly than divides people.

Division is frequent amongst God’s individuals, especially in the case of the area of music and worship. On one facet, you normally have the older congregation members who wish to sing the hymns that they have been accustomed to for many years, playing in the way that they’ve always been played with an organ, and that the more temperate volume. On the other side you might have the younger individuals and more and more the center-aged, who desires to worship the Lord in a approach that fits with their tradition utilizing music that represents their generation.

Making an attempt to mix both sides of the worship spectrum might appear to be an impossible dream, but after a few years and plenty of errors I believe that I discovered the precise solution.

How To Lead Praise and Worship With Sensitivity

The very first thing to think about when you think about how to lead praise and worship is sensitivity… to each side of the era gap. For those who produce loud, contemporary worship you are saying to the older generation, you don’t have any worth anymore. If you happen to play hymns exclusively, you’re conveying to the youthful those who their opinions and culture is unimportant.

A sensible worship leader is one who can cater for each side of the church, exhibiting a spirit of love and understanding for both the outdated and the young. A part of learning how to lead praise and worship successfully is coping with battle as a leader and you could guantee that both protagonists feel that their opinions are heard, although it’s possible you’ll not act upon these opinions. Which means that any complaints in regards to the music being too loud, too rocky, too outdated or too boring must be listened to and regarded when you’re deciding how to lead praise and worship with sensitivity.

How to Lead Praise and Worship For Unity

Worship music can be a highly effective drive for unity or an amazingly harmful force throughout the church, particularly within a more conventional congregation. I’ve often witnessed offended words and even folks leaving the church due to dissatisfaction with the worship service, and we should do our greatest as worship leaders to ensure that this never happens.

Many church buildings attempt to satisfy the opposing sides by having a period of latest worship in the beginning of the service, led by the young folks using drums, electric guitars and so forth, whereas reserving songs for worship throughout the service for hymns performed on an organ. While this can be an try and appease each side, what it’s really doing is creating a spirit of disunity, with all sides recognizing our music and their music!

I believe that one of the best ways to unite the previous and the younger, the traditionalists and the modernists, is to have the worship band incorporate hymns into each the contemporary worship time in the service and throughout the entire service.

One worship leader requested me if the aged reacted badly to the suggestion, offended that their music is just not being performed on an organ. My experience is that this is not the case but moderately the opposite happens, the place the older individuals see the younger ones embracing their groups and their kind of music and making it their own. Most often this brings nice joy to the extra traditional believers, so you’ll be able to learn how to lead praise and worship as a source of unity in the church rather than using music to polarize church members.

So, worship leaders, it’s possible to unite each the traditionalists and the extra trendy members of your congregation! The most important factor is that you just learn how to lead praise and worship with sensitivity while promoting unity throughout all age teams in your church.

Some Great Benefits Of Satellite Radio

So you have heard a good deal about satellite radio, however you are not entirely persuaded that you ought to sign up to a satellite radio service. In that case you haven’t heard about what’s so great about satellite radio. Actually, after you have learned about the benefits of satellite radio, you’ll be rushing to get a satellite radio service provider to ensure that you can easily get in on what’s so great about satellite radio as well.

First, one of the biggest advantages of satellite radio must be that it\’s accessible all over the nation. Thats right, regardless of whether you reside in New York or California you can easily access satellite radio services. With easy subscription, users can gain access to terrific music at any time as well as anywhere they want.

Next, when it comes to the benefits of satellite radio, a fantastic benefit can be found in the fact that if a subscriber loves to travel, they can still get a fantastic satellite radio service. For instance, when a satellite radio customer lives in New York and they travel to Arizona, they can easily still listen to their favorite satellite radio stations because subscribers aren’t hindered by geographic location. Due to the fact the radio signals are sent via satellite, subscribers will discover that they are never far away from their favorite stations!

Third in line when considering the advantages of satellite radio is definitely the fact that satellite radio signals provide subscribers crystal clear audio clarity. No longer does a music enthusiast need to bother about traveling out of range whenever a great song comes on over the car radio. Actually, wherever the location, satellite radio offers ideal top quality sound each time a music lover listens.

Yet another of the benefits of satellite radio is the fact that many of the stations offered focus on particular musical genres. For instance, if a satellite radio customer prefers heavy metal, they can easily focus on a satellite radio station that focuses only on heavy metal music. This saves music lovers from having to scan through station after station to discover the music genre they adore. In reality, style focused satellite radio stations permit users to hear their preferred music whenever they want.

Yet an additional of the advantages of satellite radio is actually the fact that the music is uninterrupted. There are no commercials with satellite radio and also satellite radio subscribers particularly enjoy this benefit. Let us admit it; nobody really wants to listen to commercial after commercial just to hear a few of songs in betweenin fact, the fewer commercials the better. Therefore, satellite radio gives music lovers exactly what they wantnonstop music non-stop every day.

Finally, the affordability of satellite radio simply cant be surpassed. In reality, satellite radio can easily be purchased at just a little over ten dollars a month. For this price satellite radio subscribers can easily get over 100 channels of fantastic music. Thus, the benefits of satellite radio, specially in terms of its affordability, are truly remarkable indeed!

Hip-hop Trashing The Rights Of Women

Hip-Hop music includes violent and abusive lyrics that could possibly mirror other illegal activities used for sexual intent. The music identified as hip-hop verbally violates basic human rights, particularly the rights of women. Excessive and blatant sexual abuse connotations can be found in almost every musical score, as women are portrayed as whores and assets worth no more than existing for man’s sexual pleasures. Much of the lyrics in rap songs are abusive and degrading to all women.

Hip-Hop is a manifestation and spin on exploitation of African-American and Latino-American youth, and is often considered to have sexism and misogyny attributes. New York City blacks and Latino youths originally started the hip-hop culture, with included rapping, deejaying, break-dancing and graffiti-writing. But, it has evolved into something much more than just local expressions.

Hip-Hop is a lifestyle for many people between the ages of 13 and 30. It involves music, videos, fashion, club-scenes, and the ways that young people interact with each other. The media has embraced and adopted the hip-hop culture, as well as big corporations, such as Coca-Cola and Burger King. Versions of hip-hop can be found in marketing media and corporate advertisements. The Brooklyn Museum of Art even has an exhibit dedicated to hip-hop culture.

The most influential part of hip-hop has become known as rap music. Rap music is a form of poetry, recited over musical instrumentation. Many consider rap music to be brutally honest, violent, and misogynistic. But to others, the violence to and hatred of women appears blatant and offensive.

Much of rap music portrays black women in negative images. The hip-hop culture views all women, but mostly black women, as sex objects. Most hip-hop videos show women dancing or displayed in explicit sexual poses, clothed in bikinis (or less), with the focus on their body parts. The images go hand in hand with the explicit language that suggest women are nothing more than sex objects or money-generating commodities. Many rappers describe themselves as ‘pimps’ and women as second-class and sexual commodities. Many rap songs, not only, glorify the pimp lifestyle, and refer to women in ways a pimp might describe their prostitutes, but the lyrics promote violence to women that disobey.

Of course, not all rap music is misogynistic, and not all black men think of women in this light, but large percentages within the hip-hop culture do. The name calling in the rap music dishonors, disrespects, and dehumanizes women. When society accepts labeling women in this manner, will physical and psychological abuse become acceptable? Unfortunately, many black men battle racism or oppression within hip-hop culture, and have been conditioned to distrust intrusive feelings of trust and love.

Many women consent to these collaborations, and believe racism or subjugation are viable excuses or justification for the practice of degrading and exploitation of women. The numbers of women that show up for unpaid try-outs for video shoots indicate that significant amounts of hip-hop consumers are women. Groups of women can be seen loitering in concert backstage areas, expressing their willingness to perform sexually in return for money and jewelry, or perhaps realize a feeling of being wanted.

Black women have, historically, been used as sex instruments, and continue to fight for power and material wealth. When slavery was legal and rampant, black women were routinely sexually abused by any man that wanted her. They could be used for breeding purposes and create more slave trade for their owners. Black women, also, used sex in order to lower chances of cruel treatment by the slave masters. They were paying with their bodies to survive and achieve better treatment within the uncontrolled, abusive slave life.

Black women emerged out of slavery as oversexed and promiscuous. Some viewed themselves as society dictated, and believed they did not have control over their bodies. As they tried to fit into white societies, some black men wanted the women to be employed in subordinate roles in a white household; while some black women wanted the men to acquire jobs and be the sole provider. Hip-hop culture displays similar oppressive obsessions. Some black women prefer to use sexual powers to reap economical gain. And, many black men have learned how to manipulate women by using money. In order for many black women to get what they want, they accept mistreatment and allow themselves to be exploited through hip-hop images.

Sometimes black women are uneducated and have no job skills. Many believe their bodies are all they have to offer to gain status. Many dysfunctional relationships can be found within the hip-hop culture. Some women believe men are instruments of use to gain access to money; some men think women are only have value when it comes to sexual gratification.

Would censoring hip-hop music and lyrics be an answer? Perhaps, the solution would be to change the hip-hop society and ideology by discontinue negative and misogynistic lyric promotion. But, the first step to change gender relations within the hip-hop community is education. People need to be made aware of the negative and derogatory connotations that continue to violate the rights of women, in sexist lyrics, physical interactions, and at hip-hop gatherings. But, of course, people need to be receptive to the devastating results that violating human rights cause, and be willing to change.

Are human flesh traders alive and well in the United States? Of course, we all know trafficking women is illegal, but considering the more than 45,000,000 dating websites on the Internet, is this a modern legal tool that continues the exploitation of women?

Speaking out against exploitation of women in hip-hop cultures, and for women everywhere, can help change ideologies. But, if women are not interested or willing to stop exploitation tactics, they will continue to be used and considered as just sexual instruments.

Although women have come very far, their work is not finished, and they have a long way to go before equality will be realized.

Why Is The Guitar So Popular

You might often wonder why so many people are fond of guitar. To answer this question you would have to think at the role that music plays in our lives. Music makes us feel better, it brings us together, it helps us overcome certain obstacles easier. Music defines us. It is part of who we are. Guitar is widely adopted for many reasons. Read below to find out which are some of the most common.

1.Nowadays, learning to play this instrument has never been easier. There are many specialized publications which take a step-by-step approach to teaching guitar lessons. They present music theory concepts in a clear, structured manner. They also include numerous tips and advice on all aspects of the guitar.

2.Remember the lyrics of a famous song ‘strumming my pain with his fingers’? Many songs that reached our soul and bring back memories can be played with a guitar. Therefore, people are eager to recreate those moments with the help of music that made them memorable. Playing the guitar brings you one step closer to achieving this.

3.The investment costs for those who want to learn playing this instrument are not very high. You can find guitars at very reasonable prices sold on the internet or at a store that is specialized in musical instruments. For the beginners, the best guitar type is the classical one.

4.One should not forget that this instrument is extremely versatile in comparison to others. A wide range of musical styles such as folk, jazz, flamenco, jazz and Latino, can be played with it. This makes it easier for the learner to try his hand at more than one style.

5.It is not hard to carry. Due to its compact design this instrument can be easily transported from one place to another. So, if you have more concerts, you will not have to worry about the time wasted in traffic. You can take your guitar on your shoulder and walk quickly to the next event where you are expected.

6.The guitar can be connected to a series of devices that allow the creation of a multitude of sounds. Sound variation is very important for most of the guitar players. It makes their songs more original and easier to recognize by the public. You can use a guitar effects pedal for the development of unique tunes. This device alters your instrument’s sound in a particular manner.

7.The popularity of this instrument is ultimately attributed to great guitar legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Eric Clapton or Joe Satriani. In the hands of these people a guitar mesmerized audiences. Consequently, inspired by these famous players, many people aim at learning some of the songs that shaped their identity.

An Introduction To Made to Measure Roman Blinds

In this day and age, it has become quite easy to make your home look beautiful, charming, and truly welcoming – in effortless, practical, and cost-effective ways.

An option that many people are inclined to show a strong preference for is the use of made to measure Roman blinds or made to measure Roller blinds. By simply dressing up your windows, you change the way your home looks in an immediate and fully satisfying way.

Made to measure blinds present a wide variety of use. They provide a lavish backdrop to your furnishings so that everything comes together in a way that can look elegant, classic, or lavish – without you having to go over your budget. Moreover, there is now a variety of made to measure Roman blinds or made to measure Roller blinds to choose from. You are certain to find a style that fits your furnishings like a charm.

You hit two birds with one stone when you use made to measure blinds. Blinds add to the aesthetic appeal of your rooms. Moreover, they are also very effective for light control. By controlling the amount of light that comes in, you are able to regulate the temperature. You can make the rooms warm enough and yet keep out the harsh glare of strong sunlight. By doing this, you make the rooms comfortable and welcoming. You are also able to help keep your furniture looking as good as new, unlikely to fade and suffer from the strong effects of unregulated sunlight.

Because of the popularity that these blinds have cultivated, there are many companies in this particular business. When you choose your blinds, make sure that you go to a company that has established a good reputation for the quality of their products. Such a company is certain to see to it that their blinds carry the stamp of fine craftsmanship and durability.

Long before the advent of made to measure blinds people had to pay through the nose to make their homes look elegant and beautiful. This is a problem no longer. You can now choose from a wide spectrum of blinds of varying styles and colours to make your home look classic or contemporary, hip or elegant, beautiful in its simplicity or awesome in its lushness. You can achieve the look that you want without having to go over the budget as these blinds come at very reasonable prices.

Charles works for Norwich-based company Lockwood Hume. They offer a huge range of office furniture and office supplies, such as made to measure Roman blinds, providing stationary and furniture for home offices, corporate businesses and retail environments.

How To Flirt With A Hot Korean Girls

Why is it that so many Western men are attracted to Korean Girls? Why is it that each year, more Americans, Canadians, Australians, Germans, and guys from other countries are getting married to Asian women?

Well, the physical appeal of Asian women is undeniable. Their silky black hair…slim, firm, petite bodies…and even the graceful way that they walk.

I am sure their gorgeous, exotic features are attractive to you. And then there is the sense of “shy innocence” that Korean women possess. It makes us curious to discover more about them, and it’s a big turn-on to think that beneath that shy exterior lies a sexual side that is waiting to be unleashed…

Of course, you couldn’t tell a Western woman that you have this preference. The Western woman will assume that your love of Korean Girls is about wanting to have a “slave” who waits on you hand and foot and cleans your house. The bitter Western woman thinks that men who date Asian women aren’t “man” enough to be with a “real lady.”

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and you already know this if you’ve been with beautiful Korean women. The Asian girlfriends I’ve had have been smart, self-sufficient, opinionated and strong. Yet at the same time, they radiate pure femininity.

They make a man feel like…well, like a MAN!

It’s the way that you and I, as men, were born to feel. We need to be with a feminine, loving partner in order for us to feel confident and content. If you don’t believe me, just ask your married buddies who are hitched to overbearing, nagging wives. They’re miserable!

Wanting to date Korean women isn’t any weird “fetish,” nor does it suggest that you are in any way deficient or unable to handle a relationship with a woman of your own race. On the contrary, I say that you are enlightened! You’re willing to think “outside the box” and not follow the same script that your friends do — the guys who settle for whatever girl they can get, because they’re convinced that in order to date stunningly beautiful women (or a hot younger woman) you need to be rich, famous or have movie-star good looks.

These guys accept the idea that they’re never going to be with a hot, sexy, hard-bodied woman who respects and adores them — and so, once they reach a certain age, they marry a girl who they think is “compatible” with them (which usually means, she’s as boring and ordinary as he is).

What percentage of these guys wind up feeling truly happy with their lives and are sexually fulfilled? My guess is that this number is very small. Most of my married buddies tell me how jealous they are of my lifestyle, which involves a lot of traveling to Asia and dating Korean Girls.

Look, we’re all driven by the same needs and desires that we shared with our ancestors 10,000 years ago. We are hard-wired to be men. We desire women who are soft and feminine, and respond to our masculinity and strength. Korean woman cater to this need like no other type of female.

I believe there are a number of valid, important reasons why so many guys want to date Asian women. Some of these reasons, we’re not even aware of on a conscious level. Here are some of the big ones. (Note, these characteristics do not apply to all Asian women. I’m talking about the caliber of Asian women that you’ll want to meet and be with.)

#1 They are physically sexy and appealing.

The silky hair; flawless skin; petite, hard bodies; and exotic Oriental features add up to combination that a lot of men find irresistible.

It’s also interesting to note that the Asian face, because of the way it’s constructed, reveals less emotion than the faces of Caucasians. This makes Korean Girls “harder to read” than Caucasian women, who are known to express their feelings constantly (whether you want to hear them or not!).

This gives Korean Woman an air of mystery and unpredictability, which is powerfully attractive to men — because we’re hard-wired to thrive on the thrill of the hunt.

One more note on the physical appeal of Asian women: they usually have beautiful skin and don’t age and develop wrinkles the same way that Caucasian women do. Korean Girls are known to remain very attractive as they get older.

#2 They tend to be quite approachable.

I’m constantly approaching and chatting up women, and I’ve noticed that even the most beautiful Asian women are easier to approach than Western women. They love to be flirted with, too. When I’m in Asia, I can simply give a girl a friendly smile and say to them in their language: “You’re very cute, may I know your name?” I’ll almost always get a smile in return, and we’ll have a conversation. An American woman, on the other hand, might suspect that you’re “hitting on her” and not give you the time of day.

The fact is, Asian women smile more. It’s part of their culture. You can visit provinces in the Philippines that are poorer than anything you’ve ever seen, and the people (and the women, in particular) will always greet you with a smile.

Thailand is literally known as “The Land Of Smiles” because people smile all the time. (This can be confusing to foreigners, since the “Thai smile” can actually mean a lot of different things — I explain this in the “Secrets Of Dating Korean Woman” book. But at any rate, it beats being around a bunch of frowning, frumpy Western women!)

It’s mind-blowing to stroll through a big shopping mall in a city like Manila, Jakarta or Bangkok…because so many young, beautiful Asian women will smile at you when you make eye contact with them!

Now, compare this to the shopping malls in the Western world. At a mall in an American city, the women will AVOID eye contact with you — and if you try to approach them and start a conversation, chances are you will freak them out. The culture is way less open and friendly.

It’s true that Korean Girls generally are more “shy” than Western women — but this is just at first. When you know how to converse with them the right way, their shy exterior will quickly melt away and they will be friendly and warm. Much of the “shyness” you are perceiving has to do with their great concern about being polite.

At that point, the key is knowing how to build their interest and attraction. The “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” program will show you how to do that.

Korean Girls take great pride in managing the household and are excellent homemakers. A household run by an Asian woman is always going to be clean and organized. The meals will be prepared with care and love.

Even the poorest families keep their living space as clean as possible. In Asia, women will always make sure that your home is clean, and they will take pride in cooking your meals and keeping you well-fed.

#4 They have a rich sense of culture and heritage.

Many Westerners are fascinated by the colorful, exotic, mysterious cultures of Asia, which are steeped in history. In recent times, Asia has gotten a reputation as being rather trendy among Westerners. This is particularly true with Japan, which Westerners have begun to recognize as a Mecca for fashion. (Japanese girls are years ahead of Western girls, with their super-cool, futuristic styles of dress.)

Why else would so many Caucasians, both men and women, put tattoos of Chinese and Japanese characters on their bodies, thinking it makes them look hip and “spiritual” — even though they’ve never even visited those countries? (Very lame, if you ask me…)

By dating Korean Girls, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more her fascinating culture — including its beliefs, traditions, music, cuisine, movies, arts, and history. This isn’t the case when you date a woman who grew up in the town next to yours. Being able to constantly learn new things about her culture, while sharing yours with her, can be a big advantage in a relationship. There is less chance of the two of you growing bored with each other. When you date an Asian woman and have genuine appreciation for her culture and background, there are new things for you to explore every day.

#5 Korean Girls place a high value on relationships and have unconditional love for their family.

Another attractive aspect of Asian women is that unlike most of their counterparts in Western countries, they put tremendous value on their families and relationships. Choose the right partner, and she’ll be highly loyal to you and will avoid doing anything that will damage the relationship. This tends to bring out the best in you as a man.

Did you know that the Philippines is one of only two countries in the world where there is no divorce? It does not exist. Filipinas are raised to believe that when they marry, it is for life. Even in other, more developed Asian countries (where there is divorce), it is considered a shameful last resort — unlike in Western countries, where the attitude isn’t until “til death us part.” It’s more like, “Let’s give it a try, and if it’s not working out six months from now, I’ll take your house and half your money, dumbass…”

Again, I must remind you that I am speaking in general terms here. Are all Asian women passionately loyal and committed to their relationships? Of course not. There are plenty of warped women and gold diggers out there; you’ve got to keep your wits about you and know to avoid them. (Which can be difficult when you find yourself dating an Asian girl with the tightest body you’ve ever laid your hands on!) The “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” book contains some very helpful tips on this.

#6 The attraction between us and them seems to be a mutual thing.

One of the reasons why Western men are interested in dating Asian women is, quite simply, because they’ve been told that Asian women love Western men! This is certainly true when you are spending time in Asia, but it’s still true (to a slightly lesser degree) when you are meeting Asian women in a Western country. The thought of this “mutual interest” is what compels a lot of guys to seek Asian girlfriends.

It’s true that if you have light skin and are reasonably fit and attractive, women in Asia will have an “automatic” attraction towards you — because they have a strong desire to have light-skinned babies. In their culture, light skin is an indicator of status and beauty.

#7 When you date Asian women, interracial stigmas aren’t really a problem.

In the Western world, we’re much more accepting of other races than were were 100 or even 50 years ago. (Even 10 years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine an African-American president in the White House!) However, racism still persists in America — particularly with people’s attitudes towards relationships between people of different races.

The reality is that a white man marrying a black woman, or a black man marrying a white woman, is still considered unnacceptable by many people, or at the very least it is considered strange. But when Western guys and Asian women date, it is generally quite accepted. In fact, some people say it has become “trendy” in recent years to date Asian women! Now, I’m not saying this is an important reason why you should date Asian women, but it’s another positive factor to consider.

It has become very common for Asian women and non-Asian men to date and marry. While the differences between your culture and hers may create minor challenges in your relationship at times, these differences will also help to keep your relationship interesting and constantly evolving.

One difference in backgrounds that can create obstacles is if you marry an Asian woman who comes from a very poor family, since you may be expected to provide financial support for her relatives. I talk more about this in the “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” book.)

#8 Asian women have a spiritual core.

Many Asian women observe a religion and take it seriously. Whether she worships God, Buddha or whomever, religion tends to give Asian women a sense of calmness and inner peace that many Western women lack. Asian women don’t need to do constant “soul searching” and fret about what is lacking in their lives. For the Asian woman, a loving partner, a happy, healthy household, and the love of her family and God is enough.

#9 They have a hardworking nature.

Asian women typically start helping out their families from a very young age, waking up early to help out with house-hold chores. This is a dramatic difference from the way children are typically raised in Western countries. Also, they believe in working hard in order to provide a better future for their families.

You see this in immigrant communities throughout the West. Asian immigrants will work nonstop in order to send financial support to their families back in Asia, and to enable family members to come over from Asia to join them. They build their own businesses and are careful with their money. Asian people, in general, respect the importance fo hard work. A woman who is raised this way isn’t going to turn into a lazy, spoiled “princess” as soon as you put a ring on her finger!

#10 Asian women are meticulous about how they look.

I love the fact that beautiful Asian women are always concerned with how they look, and want to look beautiful no matter where they are. They also believe it’s important for them to “stay sexy” for their man! Western women, unfortunately, don’t usually act this way. Once they get married, they start gaining weight and feel they no longer need to worry about looking hot.

Actually, I think this is one of the reasons why Western women seem to resent it when guys prefer dating Asian women — they’re jealous of Asian women (and their fantastic ability to stay slim and maintain their sexy, youthful looks!).

It took me a long time to figure out how to date and attract beautiful Korean Girls, and how to make them feel that powerful physical and emotional response called ATTRACTION. I suggest you read my book “Secrets Of Dating Korean Girls” because it explains all of these secrets. You won’t have to rely on “trial and error” as I did. With my book, you can learn right now how to use proven tactics and techniques to attract and date the Get Girls you desire.

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The Importance Of Music In Somalia

Taste of music varies according to different places. Similarly, African Music is different in different parts of the continent. In some parts one will feel the effect of western music, while in other the music is traditional. Moreover, the usage of hand drums and percussion is evident in the music of West Africa. For the people of Africa, music is usually an expression of their feelings. The folk songs include the hardships of day to day life.

Somalia is located on the outer edge of Somalia Peninsula and therefore called the Horn of Africa. Somalia has a horrendous history of famines, droughts and being the home to infamous privates. Therefore like many other African nations, it also is a poor state. But being economically poor did not affect their cultural growth. Somalia has a rich music tradition evolved out of Somalian folklore. Drums, guitar, bass, and woodwinds figure are used heavily when it comes to Somali music. The music history is rich coupled with traditional music, folk songs and dances.

Songs play a great part in connecting people with different ethnicity. African music is an expression of joy, love and bravery. Their folk songs are usually dedicated to the bravery of their men during war and hardships. This music provides a platform to African music enthusiast residing in different parts of the continent. The music and song depict their various emotions and glorious pasts. Preserving ones heritage is extremely important to the culture. The Somalis have rich cultural history, and songs are the medium to keep them alive for years to come.

Somali songs are a sweet product of collaboration between the singer (Codka), music director and lyricist (midho). Bands including Waaberi and Horseed have been quite successful in the revival of Somali music. Other singers, such as Maryam Mursal and Ahmed Cali Cigal have blended the traditional somali music with the western music. This has made them very popular amongst youngsters. Amongst others, Rock and roll, bossa nova and jazz are churned with traditional music to create fusion.

Sadly, the youngsters of Somalia are immensely influenced by the western music bands, like Blues and Jazz. Their tradition and roots are on the verge of getting extinct. They have forgotten the music tradition of their nation. Parents must stress on the importance of culture and should try their best to pass on the value of their glorious heritage to their children.

Somalia music industry is inchoate and has immense possibility of growth. A live musical concert at the seashore is the specialty of Somalian music. People from around the world come over to enjoy this divine show. However, musician in Somalia face the lack of resources and do not get desired cooperation from the government. The new generation should try to spread their music tradition all across the globe. If done effectively, the industry can prosper in a very short span. It can help in gaining recognition and creating economic sustainability in the nation.

Free Punjabi Songs Downloads

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The Benefits You Can Get From Rap Music

In today’s world of modern music, it seems that almost any topic related to different types of songs and lyrics has been widely debated, discussed and analyzed. Regardless of the outcomes of such discussions, it is very useful for us to develop things for our life in the music world.

While I was gathering the facts for this article, I was quite surprised to find that some of the issues which I had thought were settled and laid to rest, are still the subject of heated debate. Would you like to find out what those in-the-know have to say about the benefits you can get from rap music? The information in the article below comes straight from well-informed experts with special knowledge about what benefits you can get from rap music.

When people talk about rap music the first thing that springs to mind is the songs with their rapid rhythms and lyrics, which may only be appealing to a particular group of listeners, namely teens and young adults. This is due to its exciting and non-stop singing, which may serve to make it less appealing to older people. However, rap music has extraordinary hidden benefits that most people usually overlook.

For rap music lovers, it is quite definite that they keenly appreciate rap songs because of their unique characteristics that provide maximum entertainment. There are only a few people who realize its benefits in terms of using lyrics as a medium to communicate with other people and representing the truth of life.

Rap is classified as an urban poetry of lyrical resistance. Thus, it is not the music of villages, like country music. The lyrics of rap songs are generally based on people’s life experiences, and it is essential that you to listen carefully, so that you are able to find out the variety of experiences represented in the song, and so develop the quality of your own life.

There are some other types of song that represent people’s lives, such as those of country music, but what you will get from rap music is completely different. This is because country music is usually about the lives of people in rural areas, but rap music deals with both rural and urban life. If you find yourself confused by what you’ve read up to this point, don’t despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

One distinct, noticeable point when you are listening to rap music is that it focuses very much on the lyrics, rather than the sound or rhythm of the music, which means that rap music seems to be the only musical genre that aims to tell people about what is happening in their everyday lives, and what they should do about it.

For this reason, now it is the time to turn to rap music and learn more about its benefits to extend your knowledge, as well as to absorb the beauty of other cultures. But do not forget to listen, and let the knowledge in the song improve your life as well.

Hidden Benefits Of Keyboard Lessons

Many words have been written on the benefits of music for adults and children alike. The love of music and early exposure to its affects on the developing brain has a huge effect on the potential of young people to thrive in many avenues. We evaluate 7 of these basic benefits in this article.

1. Self Discipline – Building self discipline enables people to realize the benefits of what is best for them, rather than giving into momentary weaknesses which my be detrimental to their well-being. Keyboard lessons involve learning time management (showing up for lessons on time!!! Whether with a tutor, or just turning up to your keyboard if your lessons are online or self-paced), self-knowledge (realizing what you really want and living up to your goals and values), having the courage to live up to your own ideals, to mention just a few of the traits required to build self-discipline.

2. Concentration – This is particularly hard for young children, who have so much else they want to do; keeping their attention on their lessons is a huge learning curve. Learning to direct your attention in whatever direction you desire is a skill which will aid you throughout a lifetime.

3. Attention to detail – The key to learning attention to detail is concentration. With learning the keyboard comes the need to learn theory of music as well, which means focus is needed to bring both the playing of the music and the ability to read music together.

4. Hand-eye co-ordination – the ability to co-ordinate information received through the eyes to control, guide, and direct the hands in the accomplishment of a given task can be translated to many areas of a child’s development.

5. Self-esteem – learning how to play the keyboard and learn to read music has benefits for self-esteem, particularly in children. Learning to view yourself in a positive way and feeling ok about your own image enables young people to withstand peer pressure. It gives them the ability to stick to their own values and not be influenced into straying onto a path not in their best interest.

6. Sense of achievement – the opportunity which can arise to entertain family and friends, as well as play your instrument in a school performance brings a feeling of pleasure and accomplishment.

7. Self-Confidence – belief in oneself and knowing that you can perform in front of an audience is a great boost to your sense of self-worth, and the knowledge you can achieve whatever you set out to do.

Creating Music Hire a Mixing Engineer to Release Better Sounding Music

For the independent recording artist, sounding amazing isn’t a luxury only available to well-funded artists anymore – it is a must. Music sales may have went down, but that doesn’t mean that recorded music is going away any time soon. Far from it. More music is being consumed on more devices by more fans than ever before in history! Musicians are making their music available on internet and satellite radio, online music streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, and YouTube, selling on direct-to-fan sites such as CD Baby, Bandcamp, and ReverbNation, and still pushing sales through -traditional’ online retailers such as iTunes and Amazon MP3. Simply put, there is no excuse for an artist to release poor recordings./p>

For many, audio engineers are still a mystery. To others, they are -evil’ manipulators of sound, creating phony, auto-tuned, robots out of untalented artists. This, however, is far from the truth. Every record, no matter the type, gets touched by a tracking engineer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer. The recording engineer utilizes a plethora of microphones and technique to accurately capture and record the artist’s performance as it occurs in the recording studio. The mixing engineer takes all of the separate music tracks and crafts the music to sound great and convey the song’s emotion. He sets the right levels, panning, equalization, compression, and adds special effects where possible to enhance the artist’s vision. Lastly, the mastering engineer uses specialized tools and highly trained ears in an acoustically accurate room to subtly polish and prepare the track for final release and ensure the recording plays back well on a variety of speakers. “While many audio techniques can enhance the final production, we engineers are not magicians and can’t replace a poor performance or terrible recording,” says Scott of Virtual Mix Engineer.

Recorded music is more often used as promotional tool for artists and labels. The big dough these days is in live shows, publishing, film and TV placements, and merchandising. When a listener connects with an artist’s music, they’ll listen to their records, tweet, and share the music with their friends. The fans want to support the artist and buy tickets to their concerts, purchase t-shirts, and follow and interact with the group through social media. As the artist grows in popularity, their music may be chosen for sync placements in movies and TV, which not only provides great exposure, it also pays quite well. To make it to this stage however, it all starts with a great song and quality recording.

The rise of DIY recording has led to more artists releasing music than ever before. With a powerful PC, some mics, a DAW, and a little knowledge, anyone can create and release music. One area where many artists fall short is failing to recognize their weaknesses in mixing. An experienced mixer has the right equipment, but most importantly the skills to make a production reach its full potential. Though it can be difficult for an artist, letting go and trusting your mixer will take your productions to the next level and help you stand out from the masses. Listeners are instantly attracted to a well-written and performed song that sounds like a hit.

Spend the proper time in pre-production, ensuring your composition and arrangement are as strong as possible. Then and only then, book time in the best studio you can afford to record your tracks. Hire a local or online mix engineer within your budget whose work and personality you gel with, and tweak the mix until you’re satisfied. Finally, send the songs off to the mastering engineer for that final polish. Once your record is completed, you can get the music into multiple outlets and into the ears of your listeners and fans.

Scott Horton is the epitome of today’s cutting-edge mixing engineer/producer/songwriter. He has worked with a myriad of artists world-wide in all musical genres ranging from Pop, Pop-Rock, Hip-Hop,RnB, Urban and more. His online mixing and mastering service, Virtual Mix Engineer, delivers artists and record labels with superb sounding mixes which make impressions that count. Come say hi to Scott at

Classical Concepts announces launch of Indian Hindustani Classical Music and Urdu Ghazals website

Classical Concepts, a premier Hindustani Classical Music and Ghazals record label announced the launch of its website, today. Classical Concepts, headquartered in New York, is an organization dedicated to the promotion and propagation of Hindustani music, Indian classical and light classical and vocal, Ghazals and instrumental classical music.

-I am pleased to announce the launch of our record label’s website today-, said Ms. Nalini Madiwale, owner of Classical Concepts. -The aim of this site is to showcase our album releases and provide opportunities to aspirants to learn more about Indian classical music. Classical Concepts also arranges performances and lecture-demonstrations in USA. We are especially interested in developing the next generation of listeners. We welcome requests for lecture-demos by music departments of middle schools, high schools, and colleges in the United States- she said. Towards this mission, the organization sponsors recording & sale of CDs by upcoming & well known Hindustani music artists.

Presently, the website offers two premier Ghazal and Indian Classical Music albums, Teer-E-Neemkash and Bandishein for sale online. Teer-E Neemkash is a collection of 6 classical ghazals performed by Nalini Madiwale while Bandishein is a compilation of rare classical compositions by Pandit Kaivalya Kumar.

Teer-E Neemkash features ghazals by Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Firaq Gorakhpuri and Meer Taqi Meer, besides Ustad Aziz Khan. The latter is the late father and guru of Ustad Shahid Parvez. Music for this classical Urdu ghazal album has been composed by the famous sitar maestro Ustad Shahid Parvez and the album has been produced by Ashish Sengupta.

Nalini Madiwale is a dedicated musician. She is a disciple of Pandit Vijay Kichlu, the famed architect of the Sangeet Research Academy in Kolkatta during the 1980s and 90s. She also receives guidance from Ustad Shahid Parvez in light classical music. She got her initial training from Shri R.G. Desai of Hubli. Nalini is a consummate student and performer. She is a patron & promoter of classical music & musicians. She is also a practicing eye surgeon specializing in glaucoma. She is interested in bringing Hindustani Music to Middle Schools in the US. Her Guru Pandit Vijay Kichlu is a prominent exponent of the Agra Gharana.

Bandishein is a CD of rare classical compositions by Pandit Kaivalya Kumar. He is a leading young exponent of the Kirana Gharana with a rich multigenerational lineage. He was trained by his father Pandit Sangmeshwar Gurav. His Grandfather Ganpatrao Gurav studied under 2 legends: Pandit Bhaskarbua Bhakle and Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. Due to this ancestry, Kaivalya Kumar is a treasure house of unusual compositions (Bandish).

Pandit Kaivalya Kumar is a leading young exponent of the Kirana Gharana with a rich multigenerational lineage. He was trained by his father Pandit Sangmeshwar Gurav. His Grandfather Ganpatrao Gurav, studied under 2 legends: Pandit Bhaskarbua Bhakle and Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. Due to this ancestry, Kaivalya Kumar is a treasure house of unusual compositions (Bandish).

Both albums are available for purchase online at Classical Concept’s website, In addition to online album sales, the site also offers a resource for Indian Classical Music glossary containing definitions to few commonly used terms in Indian classical music. Classical Concepts also welcomes booking requests for light classical Ghazals and Bhajans concerts. The record label will be offering concerts of Hindustani classical vocalists and instrumentalists in the near future.

Please visit to hear and purchase Indian classical music and ghazal albums and for Indian Classical Music concert artist bookings or lecture demonstration requests.

Classical Concepts, is an organization dedicated to the promotion and propagation of Hindustani music, Ghazals, Indian Classical and light classical, Hindustani vocal and instrumental. Towards this mission, the organization sponsors recording and sale of CDs by upcoming & well known Hindustani classical artists and arranges performances and lecture-demonstrations. We are especially interested in developing the next generation of listeners. We welcome requests for lecture-demos by music departments of middle schools, high schools, and colleges. Please visit for more information.

Interview With David Zennie, Music Video Director

David Zennie
Date of Interview: December 1, 2010

This is an interview that I conducted with David Zennie, a writer/producer/director, whom I admire. This interview is with David, specifically in his capacity as a music video director. I want to thank David for taking time out of his busy schedule to give us the inside scoop on music video production.

What exactly is the director’s job during the production of a music video?

The director’s job on a music video is to develop a visual concept for the song and assemble a creative production crew to produce the content. During physical production of the video – the filming – the director manages all activity to capture the concept on film. This includes working with various creative professionals to ensure everyone is on the same page and persisting in the same vision creatively.

What crew is used to produce a music video?

Music video crews vary depending on budget. On a project for an independent artist – where budgets are small and no funds are being advanced by a record label – you’re working with the bare essentials: the performing artist, whatever actors the concept calls for, a producer, a director, a cinematographer and hopefully a few extra hands to help wrangle gear, food and location needs. If you’re lucky, a still photographer is available to document the process for print marketing, website and festival purposes.

What equipment is used to produce a music video?

The basic equipment you need for an indie music video is a reliable camera package, a basic lighting package, digital storage drives and a computer with editing software. The equipment is usually cost-prohibitive, unless you’re working with talent who can supply the resources – cinematographers who own a camera, editors who own an editing system, actors with interesting clothes in their closets, etc. Shoot digital HD if you can – you won’t have to purchase tape stock.

How long does the average music video take to produce?

On average, a quality music video takes two days to shoot – one day for filming the conceptual or story material and one day for filming the artist performing the song. Development prior to shooting and editing after shooting can be a moving target depending on everyone’s schedule, but generally can last anywhere from two to six weeks each. On average, let’s say six weeks from concept to final, edited piece.

How do you prepare to direct a music video?

A director has numerous responsibilities in order to prep a music video. First, you need a great concept the recording artist likes. Next, you need to assemble a crew with all the right equipment and schedule shooting dates that work for everyone at locations that are appropriate to the concept. In prep for shooting, the director maps out the story beats to be filmed along with directions and adjustments for the actors. Because you’re not dealing in dialog performance, casting for the right look and energy becomes essential. If you’ve prepared properly, everyone understands what they need to do, and you’re able to give productive direction when challenges emerge.

How does the music of the song itself affect the production of a music video?

The song itself affects production less than you might think. By all means, you want the song playing during performance. But sometimes silence – or a different kind of music entirely – works to evoke the emotion you’re looking for from your actors. If properly constructed, the spirit of the shoot is drawn from the concept, which in turn has been inspired by the song. So, aside from physical performance, the song itself functions best as subtext.

Can you describe the editing process?

The editing process is where everything comes together. First step is to digitize your footage into an editing system like FCP or Avid. Then you play through everything, sub-clipping and labeling the material for easy access. It’s painstaking. It’s maddening. But you’re building a puzzle, and you need to know where all your pieces are.

What does it take to get your final seal of approval on a music video you directed?

Final approval on a music video comes in three stages. First, the director needs to establish what’s called a “fine” cut. The fine cut is what you send to the recording artist for notes and feedback.
Addressing those notes is then step two. Once your recording artist is satisfied – and this may take some work – you have a finished piece. Personally, I like to let a finished piece sit for a week before releasing it to the world. Editing can be a lot like writing – you get blind to your own material after a while and need to stick it in a drawer for a period of time before coming back with fresh eyes for one last look. “Last looks” is then step three. Make your final adjustments, and you’re ready to release your work to the world.

Are there any secrets that you learned in directing music videos?

There are some secrets to directing a music video… but they’re secret. I will say this much: you can’t phone it in. If you’re not sufficiently inspired by the song, then you won’t see inspiration on the screen. If you’re thinking about directing a music video, make sure to begin with a song that inspires a concept. If you do this, you’re on the right path.

How to free download Vevo music video from YouTube and convert Vevo music video to Mp3

When we want to find some high quality songs for party or just relax ourselves, we would like to visit Vevo. Vevo is a good website to enjoy all kinds of wonderful music videos, search for latest official music videos as well as original premiere performances by super starts. But as we all know this website doesn’t offer video free download service. So if you want to save VEVO music videos for playback offline or permanent preservation, a good YouTube video downloader can well serve you. With this free YouTube downloader, you can even convert Vevo music video to MP3 so that you can listen to your favorite Vevo music anytime and anywhere even when you have no access to internet.

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How to download and convert Vevo music video to Mp3

In the case when you download YouTube music videos just for getting MP3 audios, this utility can well meet your need in helping converting already-downloaded YouTube Vevo music videos into mp3 audio with keeping the original audio quality for better enjoyment on your portable MP3 player like iPod on-the-go.To user’s surprise, this special feature is also for free, you do not need to make any payment, but just enjoy the decent service it offers.

1: Navigate to play Vevo music video you like

Enter on any of the following browsers: IE, Firefox and Chrome. Enter on any of the following browsers: IE, Firefox and Chrome. Find the Vevo music video you want to download and then click it to play.

2: Free Download Vevo music video

While enjoying watching, do not forget to download it as sometimes these music sounds so dulcet that we would forget our plan. Open the free Downloader, paste the URL of the music video into the URL box on the app, and select an output file path.

3: Convert Vevo music video to Mp3

Then tick the box -Convert Video to-. At this time, you’ll find the drop-down list of output formats in the box -Convert Video to- at the lower position of the main interface becomes available. Simply clicks on the drop-down list then selects the Mp3 output format at the bottom. Then click Start to convert the Vevo music video into Mp3.